Painting with Light

Vendor Cantos leased our studio for a multi-camera strive PWC (Cost Waterhouse Coopers) in March. DSC_0005_Arrows.pngThe shoot became part of an on going video clip series; so the videos have to all look the exact same. The previous videos were fired on environment-friendly display as well as editors typed in a gradient history. However, PWC intended to reduce post manufacturing price by avoiding timely green screen keying. So they decided to custom light our white cyc to match the previous gradated history made use of in the eco-friendly display composite. Seems easy sufficient, right? A number of attempts at individually concealing each of the given 1K space lights created several ranks on the background.

The client started to worry that the shoot would not do well. Pat was able to provide a solution to produce a solitary gradation from several lights. This was accomplished by hanging a single large piece of duvetyn concealing all the light from the 5 1K’s (see the picture listed below). This not only created a single gradated shadow yet also enabled us to regulate the form, feathering as well as direction by merely moving the duvetyn up, down, in and out in connection to the lights. The client was ecstatic as well as the shoot was back on schedule with a matching rank. For more information about painting with Light go to

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