Live Stream Broadcasting (LSB)

We offer the best Worldwide delivery of video streaming using advanced Global CDN for reliable performance. No matter where your viewers are they will receive the best quality view on the most reliable platform.

Send your message to the entire world and include:

live multi-camera video with PowerPoint slides, graphs, charts, previously produced videos, and music. We support two-way communication with your viewers, live participation metrics and archiving. We offer Live Transcoding at the server level to allow single high-resolution transmission from your location. Our adaptive encoders automatically read and deliver the appropriate streams to accommodate your diverse audience whether they are on a DSL or Fiber network.

Directly connect to Facebook live simulcast. While streaming to our CDN we simultaneously serve it to your specific Facebook page for Live Simulcast and all your followers are automatically notified when you are broadcasting.

Future developments to be announced in the near future:

In-stream Advertisement placements. Currently, most ads are engaged through the stream players at the viewing location. Many compatibility issues occur that create unreliable delivery. Our new system will use “in stream” placement that will not be impacted by the player. All players will see them.


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