Painting with Light

Vendor Cantos leased our studio for a multi-camera strive PWC (Cost Waterhouse Coopers) in March. DSC_0005_Arrows.pngThe shoot became part of an on going video clip series; so the videos have to all look the exact same. The previous videos were fired on environment-friendly display as well as editors typed in a gradient history. However, PWC intended to reduce post manufacturing price by avoiding timely green screen keying. So they decided to custom light our white cyc to match the previous gradated history made use of in the eco-friendly display composite. Seems easy sufficient, right? A number of attempts at individually concealing each of the given 1K space lights created several ranks on the background.

The client started to worry that the shoot would not do well. Pat was able to provide a solution to produce a solitary gradation from several lights. This was accomplished by hanging a single large piece of duvetyn concealing all the light from the 5 1K’s (see the picture listed below). This not only created a single gradated shadow yet also enabled us to regulate the form, feathering as well as direction by merely moving the duvetyn up, down, in and out in connection to the lights. The client was ecstatic as well as the shoot was back on schedule with a matching rank. For more information about painting with Light go to


Perfecting our Color Grading

There are numerous excellent cameras on the market today who understands just what the following terrific cam will certainly be. At Still N Motion we equal this advancement as well as maintain affordable pricing by matching these diverse electronic cameras in multiple video camera configurations. We have actually done this utilizing DaVinci Resolve 11.

After substantial testing we have found the automated color match attribute does not createDaVinci.png exact and consistent results. Making use of the Datacolor Spyder Checkr shade graph, we have established an operations to manually enter as well as adjust the colors to match in between cameras. The uncorrected pictures listed below disclose high contrast and also saturation in the D800 while both the SONY’s were much warmer and lower in contrast.Davinci Compare

Making use of the graph with the onboard waveform and vectorscope we had the ability to by hand identify a base shade equilibrium on all electronic cameras (as received the vector). Currently we could include innovative color rating with consistent outcomes across all three cameras. This technique allows us a lot more adaptability with electronic camera option and also as a result we have much more flexibility and also spending plan. Get in touch with us for additional information.

DaVinci Blog site. For more information about perfecting our color grading go to

Global Shutter vs. Rolling Shutter “The Jello Effect”

The “Jello-effect” accompanies rolling shutter CMOS cameras. It’s a disturbing impact that takes place most certainly when the video camera frying pans or moves horizontal. This happens since the bottom and top of your image are videotaped at different times. The picture is basically manipulated, like drawing a plate of jello. The top of the block of jello remains in setting as the bottom actions first. Blur is most obvious and also the picture looks edgy. This is because the imaging contribute your electronic camera steps off your specific frameworks one line of pixels at once. Each line is considerably dropped down the chip and also sent off to a barrier. The chip continually captures light so when the lines of pixels leave the leading row the chip is currently catching the following framework. Currently it moves quite rapidly and works extremely well with a static cam. Since the history of your subject is static as well as only the subject is moving there is little issue. However when you move the electronic camera performing at 30 structures each 2nd there is a small imbalance of the image where the first line begins and also the last coatings. To puts it simply the top line records earlier in the relocation (base of your jello) and your last line documents the image later in the action (the top of your jello).

With Global Shutter all the lines are drawn out from the imaging chip concurrently– a complete structure. There are numerous techniques for doing this yet it requires a much more sophisticated imaging chip and also better electronic devices. And as expected, much higher cost.

There are several wonderful electronic cameras with global shutters. We actually like collaborating with the Sony PMW F55. For more information about global shutter vs. rolling shutter “the jello effect” go to

The Future of Television

Television remains in a rapid development. Q3, 2014 saw a remarkable decrease in traditional TELEVISION viewing as several customers selected pay per sight or internet streaming solutions. Over the past four years 18 to 24 years of age target markets have actually reduced their TV watching by 30%. Individuals are relocating away from standard linear watching as reported by NAPTE as well as we must see a major shift to very discerning broadcasting in following pair years. The major suppliers Comcast, DirectTV, Dishnetwork, ATT will be forced to adopt an adaptable shows design that will enable visitors and also customers to choose only the networks or programs they want instead of being bewildered with enormous packages at extraordinary expense as well as bothersome navigating.

Just what this indicates is that brand-new upright programs markets will be opened to producers. Given that Tv will certainly mimic and integrate many of the as needed streaming attributes, specialized shows will become available to distinct viewers as well as progressed metrics will certainly record exact fads and viewing. The old Nielsen Rankings of reporting select family seeing to stand for the entire nation will end up being a distant memory as well as we will start to see straight responses.

Currently is the moment to plan your info circulation if you have a distinct message or target market that looks to you for advice, info, management or ideas.

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